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Health Education and Promotion

Healthcare systems and populations require a proper flow of knowledge and information that influence health choices and attitudes. Health education is an initiative or a process that offer combinations of learning experience over relevant information and accessibility to help people improve their health and make health choices (Macdonald, Johnson, & Leow, 2014). Health promotion, on…
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Gender Inequality

Gender inequality has been a major concern the world over and affected every sector of life (Smith 2012). Gender inequality in the education sector can have diverse effects. The issue of gender in education can be discussed through looking at the composition in leadership positions, participation in curriculum development and even depiction in textbooks (Ball…
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Education as a Social Institution

Education as a social institution is a very significant topic that should not be ignored at any time in history. From the time a child is born, education begins from there. Education as a social institution at the beginning is an informal process where children look at people and imitate what they are doing. As…
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