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Education as a Social Institution

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Education as a social institution is a very significant topic that should not be ignored at any time in history. From the time a child is born, education begins from there. Education as a social institution at the beginning is an informal process where children look at people and imitate what they are doing. As they grow from infant to young age, the education process becomes formal from the time they start engaging in activities to play group. Education as a social institution when they reach the grade level, there is more focus on academic lessons as they move through the system of the school. At this time education begins to involve learning simple facts.
Education as a social institution has a system that helps people socialize with society. There is learning of cultural expectations as well as norms where textbooks, teachers, and classmates reinforce it. Education as a social institution has significant challenges for those without cultural beliefs and who do not have shared values. When children are in grade two they learn multiplication tables and swinging at different times. The children are taught how to talk in class and lift up their hands to answer a question. Education as a social institution acts as a good agent of change where students are taught to think outside the family and the norms in the locality where they are born and know their place in society. Education as a social institution helps students acquire communication skills, interact with others, and obey authority.
Education as a social institution is second to the family through promoting socialization tasks such as homogenization. Students from different backgrounds have a standardized curriculum that is followed by all educators. There is a common language base learned by all the students, common culture, and common sense. Education as a social institution framework of participation is uniform in all institutions and sorted into different paths. The curriculum establishes standards through informal status patterns to cater to the diverse needs of students. Those who are not hard-working are put in lower positions in society. The school curriculum and pedagogies of teaching help students to know their performance in comparison with other students.
Education as a social institution teaches children basic knowledge in academics, cultural norms, and learning skills. The whole world has an education system though the systems may vary. The major challenges affecting the systems of education are limited resources and a lack of funds to support the system. The wealth of a nation has to do with money set aside to finance the education sector. The countries that lack basic amenities such as running water are unable to support formal schooling. Many countries experience education inequality due to the amount of time devoted to it.
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