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Health Education and Promotion

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Healthcare systems and populations require a proper flow of knowledge and information that influence health choices and attitudes. Health education is an initiative or a process that offer combinations of learning experience over relevant information and accessibility to help people improve their health and make health choices (Macdonald, Johnson, & Leow, 2014). Health promotion, on the other hand is a key focus for the access of health to all with the growing health expectations and healthcare needs among populations. Health promotion focuses on empowering people to take control over their health and pick on initiatives to improve their health.

            Health promotion and health education though may take individual twists go towards a wider perspective of interventions that focus on the environment and society (Macdonald, Johnson, & Leow, 2014). The processes have a greater focus on the general population and general healthcare availability and accessibility. Health education takes focus on general learning experience for communities through relevant knowledge combinations to influence choices and attitudes. Health education focuses on options and attitudes as health promotion gives a focus on the accessibility of healthcare to all and increase individual control over own health.

            There are the health educators and health education specialists are individuals trained and certified to perform selected responsibilities in health education. The training process has much practical experience and on-job training to ensure the effectiveness of the professionals with credentialing available at national levels through the health education commission (Nchec, 2016). Those who have met the required academic preparation qualifications and successfully pass competency tests. Therefore, the health education specialists must take on the specified training and continue to satisfy the requirements of the specialty to maintain the credentials and ongoing professional and education development (Nchec, 2016).

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