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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease that is communicable and causes human beings to be ill through new strains. Scientists are still in the process of learning about the disease and think that virus began in animals. There was a time when some people acquired the infection from animals and when they got infected began transmitting it to others. The spread of the coronavirus disease from one human being to another is through air droplets already infected and projected through coughing and sneezing. The other way of transmitting is when people touch surfaces with their hands and get the virus. When they touch the nose, mouth, and ears with contaminated hands, they get the virus. The first place where Covid-19 was reported was in China and it has now spread all over the world.
Best Health Practices for Covid-19
The best prevention measures for Covid-19 are by observing personal hygiene. Washing hands regularly with water and soap is significant and using alcohol-based sanitizers. Ensure there is the correct wearing of face masks in addition to washing hands with clean running water and soap. Keeping a physical distance of one meter prevents the spreading of COVID-19 to other people. The Vaccine for COVID-19 helps to protect yourself and others and is a recommendation once it is available in the health facilities. When there are signs of fever, difficulty in breathing, or cough, visit a health care facility to check for respiratory infection.
When someone is coughing or sneezing it is advisable to cover the mouth, use a tissue or use the inner flexed elbow to sneeze. People with mild symptoms should not go to school, not visit public places, and not go to work until all the signs of the COVID-19 infection are over. If the symptoms are more severe visit a medical facility without delay and the first person you encounter should be notified that there are chances of having a respiratory infection.
Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19
Different people are affected by COVID-19 in contrasting ways. The majority will develop illnesses that range from mild to moderate and recover without going to the hospital. The most common symptoms are tiredness, loss of smell and taste, physical tiredness, fever, and cough. The less common symptoms include diarrhea, pains, aches, sore throat, irritated eyes, skin rash, headache, and discoloration of fingers. The severe symptoms are shortness of breath, confusion or loss of speech, and chest pain. In case of any of these severe symptoms of COVID-19, immediate medical attention is needed and a call should be made before visiting the health facility. People who have mild symptoms and are healthy should stay at home and manage the symptoms. When someone is infected with the COVID-19 virus, it takes five to six days to show the symptoms but it can go up to 14 days.
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    The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease that is communicable and causes human beings to be ill through new strains.

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