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Christians and the Environment

What is Christian’s role in environmental preservation             The rise in environmental problems has meant that the Christian has to take an active role in environmental preservation. The Christian leader due to his position can influence people towards the purpose of God in environmental protection. They can do this through teachings, motivation, and exemplary actions.…
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The Holy Spirit

Introduction             The work of the Holy Spirit was essential for the apostles in the book of Acts. In fact, the apostles’ work would be so much dependent on the Holy Spirit that they would be so successful. It gave them the boldness to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many regions. This paper…
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Great Wall of China

How did the great wall contribute to China’s historic characterization of being isolated?             The great-wall of China was built between 5th Century and 16th century BC. Its purpose was to protect the borders of China, especially the Northern borders, during successive dynasties. The construction of the wall came as a result of a desire…
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The Greeks influenced Romans beliefs in several ways. Regarding religion, the Greeks added to their number of gods the Greek gods. This happened mostly in the Lower Peninsula where Greeks had colonies. Romans had the equivalent of Greek gods who controlled various aspects of life such as farming, security among other things. Much of Roman…
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Environmental Preservation

Thesis This paper will look at environmental preservation or restoration from a Christian perspective. Christians should be at the forefront taking an active role in preserving their environment. That they should do in the awareness that the same environment was created by God whom they worship. Therefore, taking care of the environment is one form…
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Theoretical Framework

 Scharmer’s U model theory can be used to understand successful planning. In his theory, Scharmer (2007) observes that the top management team should embrace and act to implement succession planning. He views succession planning as beginning from the immediate future. The theory supports a concept of U process, which consists of five movements that make…
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Workforce Planning

Workforce planning focuses on proper utilization and development of human resources (Adewale, Abolaji & Kolade, 2011). Everything about the human resource needs of a company needs to be put in place. Those include motivation needs, succession needs, and training needs. Taking into consideration these needs will form an effective planning needs of a company’s total…
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Succession Plans

Succession Plans  There are several succession plans available for business. These include internal succession, external succession, liquidation, or dissolution. Whichever plan one chooses for the business, it is important that proper strategic planning is done and find out which one is best for the business. Among these, liquidation or dissolution should only be considered as…
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Succession for Mid-sized Companies

In planning for a succession plan, it is important that entrepreneurs consider business entities as separate from themselves rather than an extension of themselves as many people view them (Burke, 2016). In passing over the business to a family member, it should be understood that they should have the core competencies to run the business.…
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Abstract Organizational changes are inevitable since employees and managers are bound to leave the organization through various means. Despite these transitions, the operations of an organization have to continue. The company has to deliver its mandate in achieving its mission (Sullivian, 2012). This paper will, therefore, address these organizational changes. In particular, it will address…
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