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Company’s Use of Information Sources

Introduction    An organization’s competitive advantage lies in its marketing strategy. It is what makes the company win over its competitors. Marketing functions culminate from planning and implementing concepts, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas and goods (Li, 1995). Success in business lies in how a company outperforms its rival companies in satisfying the customer needs…
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Not for Profit Organizations

Introduction             A not for profit organization work for charity and not necessarily to get profits. This paper will focus on not for profit organizations in the health sector. Not for profit hospitals are of special interest since they provide essential services in an area that is core to human life, health. The interest in…
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Book Review

Behind a convict’s eyes doing time in a modern prison Introduction              The book Behind a Convict’s Eyes: Doing Time in a Modern Prison explores life in a modern prison. The story is told through the experiences of the author. It gives an overview of the American Prison System from the perspective of a prisoner.…
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Dissertation Planning Process

The dissertation process involves different actions from the conception of the final stage of acceptance of the paper (Black, 2012). Developing a dissertation requires the identification and a justification of the topic or a subject area that the study will have a base. The dissertation process needs planning, with the objectives and deadlines for the…
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Financial Analysis

Financial analysis for The Proctor and Gamble Company  The company’s liabilities, both long term, and short term include a long-term debt, which has been reducing over the years. As at 2010, the debt stood at 21,360 dollars, which reduced to 18,329 dollars in the financial year 2015. The short-term liabilities can be said to be…
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