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Logistical and Ethical Issues

In undertaking, any research, logical and ethical considerations should be taken into account. A researcher should consider these matters. In ethical issues, awareness protects the integrity of the researcher and ensures honest results (Mugenda & Mugenda, 1999). In logistical issues, knowledge and subsequent preparation will save the research many resources and provide high-quality research. There…
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Data Collection

 The nature of the data required and the research problem dictate the methods to be used in collecting data. In this case, study, the researcher will visit the area of the survey and use the data collection instruments such as checklist as a guide to observation interview schedules to ensure the researcher asks the same…
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Research Method

Selection of the research method  The research plan is a crucial element in the research process (Johnson, 1994). A variety of complementary research methods have been used in this study. These methods are mainly qualitative and have been conducted through interviews with managers of mid-size companies in Singapore, economic experts as well as observation and…
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Research Design

 The researcher will adopt a case study approach. A case study is an in-depth investigation of an individual group, institution or phenomena. Most case studies are based on the premise that a case can be located that is typical of many other cases. The case study is viewed as an example of a class of…
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Methodology This chapter will explore the methodology used in this study and the research methods informing the choice of these methods. It is a practical project of the field of study. It will address the methods of gathering information needed to answer research questions outlined in the first chapter. The section will cover population, sample-sampling…
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Juvenile Delinquency

The most efficient way to prevent juvenile delinquency is to assist the children and their families early on Introduction Crimes committed by minors are on the increase. The juveniles who commit crimes are referred to as juvenile delinquents. Crime is a vast topic and complex to explain its causes and most efficient preventive ways. The…
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China Empire

Why could China re-create its empire—just 400 years after the fall of the Han—but Rome could not? That was a fascinating episode where the great kingdoms in China reunited and formed one strong Chinese kingdom 400 years after the fall of the Han. The process was spearheaded by Yang Jian from Sui kingdom using Buddhist…
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Review Questions

Who were the Xiongnu and how did Wudi respond to them?             They were a nomadic community, which dominated central Asia. They were a significant threat to Han Empire and the army considered them as cause of trouble to the success of Silk Road trade. This was contributed by their numerous attacks on traders during…
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The Article Review

This paper explains the process of finding an article related to cardiovascular disease and determination whether it is peer reviewed. The paper will also give a summary of the article and its findings. The findings of the article will be evaluated on how they expand knowledge on the field of cardiovascular disease. The article reviews…
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Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease referred to diseases of the heart, have had a great impact on the society. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading killer in the world. In the United States, it is estimated that the disease accounts for about 600,000 (Vaughan et al., 2015). This statistics are shocking and creates a need to be addressed by…
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