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Aspen Institute

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Aspen Institute is an organization that deals with education and policy studies. It is based in Washington DC. The organization takes a nonpartisan approach to political issues. Its primary aim is to foster leadership that is based on values to deal with critical issues affecting all sectors of the society. Aspen Institute is a center for celebrating great people in all lifestyles. The founders vision for the institute was to make a place where great thinkers, leaders, artists and musicians from every part of the world gather. The gathering is meant to help these great people reflect on the underlying values of society and culture (Aspen Institute).

            The Institute is a not for profit organization. It has partners all over the world. The Institute holds seminars that help participants think about issues that make a real society. It also holds fellowships for young leaders from around the globe. These youth leaders learn skills that make them become better leaders who can solve life challenges. There are other activities held by the institute aimed at enhancing public participation in governance and other issues affecting the society. The institute focuses on leadership development based on values and principles of democracy, the rule of l aw, economic, financial, social and political situations (Aspen Institute).

            The institute is funded through donations from corporate, foundations and governments. It, however, operates independently of these funders. It completely refrains from engaging in any way in influencing government policy and does not act under any control of any government or political entity. Its funds are geared towards supporting its programs (Aspen Institute).

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

            The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy works towards ensuring best practices in fair food farm and trade systems. The Institute was formed by a group of disgruntled farmers who felt the need to influence global policy to improve the standards of farmers in all areas. It is a nonprofit organization and hence tax exempt. Its mission is to foster sustainable rural communities and regions. It has organized international trade negotiations conducted on the basis general agreement on tariffs and trade (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy).

 The Institute works with organizations around the world to (or “intending to”) analyzing the impact of global trade agreements on the domestic farm and food policies. Its political ideology is nonpartisan. It was involved in lobbying for the passage of the farm bill. The institute is funded through donations that go towards supporting its works. The donations are tax deductible (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy).

Committee for Economic Development

            The Committee for Economic Development focuses on promoting sustained economic growth and development. Its works are meant to benefit the American people. Its achievements have been the Marshall Plan in the 1940s aimed at education reforms and campaign finance reforms of the 2000 and beyond. It takes a nonpartisan political ideology. It is a nonprofit organization (Committee for Economic Development).

            The Institute has influenced policy on fiscal health, corporate governance, education, immigration, free trade, foreign assistance among others. The organization works in partnership with nonpolitical organizations in various countries in areas of research and study projects of mutual interest to the different countries (Committee for Economic Development).

            The organization is funded through donations. These donations go towards supporting its activities. These donations come from individuals, corporations, and foundations that support its works, which are nonpartisan (Committee for Economic Development).

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