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Ancient Greece

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The periods of ancient Greece and major accomplishments

 Greek civilization is marked by major periods with significant achievements. These periods include the Bronze Age, the Middle Age, the Polis, Expansion Age and the Archaic Greece. Each of these periods is marked by major achievements, which made it distinct from the other (Craig et al. 2011).

            The Bronze Age, which went up to 1150BCE, was a period of civilization, which took place on the Island of Crete. The period is named Minoan after Minos, who was its legendary founder. This period was marked by trade with Mycenaeans (Craig et al. 2011).

 The middle age is characterized by the writings of Homer. It is also referred to as the Age of Homer. It is believed to be the period between 1100-750BCE. The period was marked by the limited constitutional government. It was also a time of class divisions where the society was aristocratic (Craig et al. 2011).

            The Polis period is marked in the city of Polis, which was the marketplace and civic center. It was the heart of Greek social life. There was a high military force. The relationship between the aristocrats and farmers was cemented (Craig et al. 2011).

            The Expansion Age is a period of great expansion beginning from 750BCE. It was marked by economic expansion, which brought about social pressures. Projects on public works began and land division started. There were significant changes in governance. Tyrant rulers who later disappeared (Craig et al. 2011) replaced aristocrats.

            Finally, the Archaic Greek Period was marked by rising activity by merchants and artisans. The period is believed to have begun in 700BCE. Wealthy aristocrats employed hired laborers and the period was notable for slavery. That is the period of athletics featuring events such as running, long jump, discus, javelin among other incidents (Craig et al. 2011).

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