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This paper explains the process of finding an article related to cardiovascular disease and determination whether it is peer reviewed. The paper will also give a summary of the article and its findings. The findings of the article will be evaluated on how they expand knowledge on the field of cardiovascular disease.

The article reviews disparities in temporal and geographical patterns of declining heart disease mortality in the United States from the period 1973 to 2010. The decline is reviewed by race and sex. The author and the reviewers look into the disparities that exist geographically regarding sex and race finding out those who would benefit from interventions geared towards reducing the mortality rate arise from cardiovascular disease (Vaughan et al. 2015).

The findings of this study were that there was a substantial decline in mortality from heart disease regarding race and sex. The article postulates that about 600,000 deaths related to cardiovascular disease making it a leading killer in the United States (Vaughan et al. 2015).

The mortality rate from heart disease among the white men posted a substantial decline which was sustained. The decline among white women was smaller compared to that of men. The decline among the blacks both men and women was also observed although smaller compared to the overall national statistics (Vaughan et al. 2015).

Geographically, the decline in heart disease mortality varied according to the region. There have been slower declines among rural folks and southern United States (Vaughan et al. 2015).The decline in mortality from heart disease is attributed to the progress made in heart disease prevention and treatment (Ford et al., 2000). The disparities noted concerning race, sex and the geographical location could be explained in treatment and prevention efforts made (Vaughan et al. 2015).

This article is useful in that it enables a scholar in cardiovascular disease to identify the gaps that exist in research that could be useful in mitigating the effects of heart disease. The student can evaluate the statistics and understand that disparities observed could be a matter of concern in research. The prevalence of heart disease according to race and sex could be a point of consideration in research. For instance, it would be interesting to find out why the decline in mortality among white men is higher than that of white women. It would also be worthwhile considering why the drop among the blacks is smaller in overall comparison.

In this regard, it would be appropriate to determine resource allocation as well as how it affects the decrease in heart disease mortality. The student would also determine what prevention or treatment measures have been taken in each region and how they have contributed to the decline in death rate and the disparity thereof. This knowledge would be very useful to medical practitioners in their quest to control heart disease and reduce immortality rate arising from it. Social media can be and is indeed a very powerful tool for those in the medical field. They can share vital information with each other and still use this platform to sensitize patients and the general public about the disease.

Being among the leading killer in the United States, a keener look at cardiovascular disease should be the concern of every researcher. The trend should be checked by identifying prevention and treatment measures that would reduce deaths arising from heart disease to minimal or even zero. This fight requires a concerted effort from all the people concerned to bring about the desired change and deal with mortality rate arising from heart disease.

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