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Paleolithic and Neolithic Age

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Paleolithic age also referred to as the Old Stone Age is believed to be about 2.5 million years ago (Encyclopedia Britannica). This period is characterized by the use of stone tools (ibid). On the other hand, Neolithic Age also referred to as New Stone Age was marked by the use of stone tools that were more refined compared to those used during the Paleolithic Period (Encyclopedia Britannica). Neolithic Period is believed to have begun about 10,000 BCE (ibid). This paper is going to look at the differences in life during these two periods. It is going to highlight the advances that were made in agriculture and human development by the end of the Neolithic era. The paper is also going to look at civilization with a focus on similarities and differences between world’s earliest civilizations. Finally, the paper will highlight the difference between the Paleolithic man and Neolithic man.

Differences in life during Paleolithic Age and Neolithic Age

            During the Paleolithic period man lived in caves and skin tents while during the Neolithic period, man lived in mud houses that were supported by timber (Diffen). The man was nomadic during the Old Stone Age period but started living a sedentary life where there was farming. He lived in permanent structures during the New Stone Age. During Neolithic period, ownership of property emerged (Diffen). The Old Stone Age period was a period where ownership of property was not regarded.

            During the New Stone Age, the man started to herd animals and farm. Through agriculture, the man started getting his main source of food. It was during this period that the stone tools became more polished and were sharpened (Adelman et al., 2013)

            Indeed, the Neolithic period can be described to be a period of the revolution of man. So many things were discovered then. These included a governance structure that was militarized and religious. The Neolithic man was shorter than Paleolithic man and had a shorter lifespan compared to the Paleolithic man who was tall and had a longer lifespan (Diffen). Their similarity was the use of stone tools, although more advanced for the Neolithic man.


            The difference between the two periods was a matter of advancement. There were significant developments that took place from Old Stone Age to New Stone Age that led to the settling of man. Government structures became established (Adelman et al. 2013)

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