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Contextualizing Proposal

It is necessary for new research to relate to the existing research within its relevant field (Gadd, Karstedt, & Messner, 2011). Contextualizing requires that the available research must be linked to the progress of the research to position it in its area as well as ensure that it contributes to the development of the knowledge.…
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Education as a Social Institution

Education as a social institution is a very significant topic that should not be ignored at any time in history. From the time a child is born, education begins from there. Education as a social institution at the beginning is an informal process where children look at people and imitate what they are doing. As…
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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease that is communicable and causes human beings to be ill through new strains. Scientists are still in the process of learning about the disease and think that virus began in animals. There was a time when some people acquired the infection from animals and when they…
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