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Methodology This chapter will explore the methodology used in this study and the research methods informing the choice of these methods. It is a practical project of the field of study. It will address the methods of gathering information needed to answer research questions outlined in the first chapter. The section will cover population, sample-sampling…
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Theoretical Framework

 Scharmer’s U model theory can be used to understand successful planning. In his theory, Scharmer (2007) observes that the top management team should embrace and act to implement succession planning. He views succession planning as beginning from the immediate future. The theory supports a concept of U process, which consists of five movements that make…
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Succession Plans

Succession Plans  There are several succession plans available for business. These include internal succession, external succession, liquidation, or dissolution. Whichever plan one chooses for the business, it is important that proper strategic planning is done and find out which one is best for the business. Among these, liquidation or dissolution should only be considered as…
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Abstract Organizational changes are inevitable since employees and managers are bound to leave the organization through various means. Despite these transitions, the operations of an organization have to continue. The company has to deliver its mandate in achieving its mission (Sullivian, 2012). This paper will, therefore, address these organizational changes. In particular, it will address…
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