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Fiction Essays

Thesis             The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast two fictional stories. The intent is to find out to what extent these stories relate to real life situations. The paper will explore the issues discussed in these stories as well as the characters. The stories chosen are The Most Dangerous Game by…
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Book Review

Behind a convict’s eyes doing time in a modern prison Introduction              The book Behind a Convict’s Eyes: Doing Time in a Modern Prison explores life in a modern prison. The story is told through the experiences of the author. It gives an overview of the American Prison System from the perspective of a prisoner.…
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Drug Addiction Recovery Program

The addiction recovery program targets younger youth at the teenage age, who get influence from the community and get a diversion from focus in life. The population is a priority because given their brain development of the adolescents; they are a susceptible addiction and loss of purpose in life (Colby, Monti, & Tevyaw, p. 336).…
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