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China Empire

Why could China re-create its empire—just 400 years after the fall of the Han—but Rome could not? That was a fascinating episode where the great kingdoms in China reunited and formed one strong Chinese kingdom 400 years after the fall of the Han. The process was spearheaded by Yang Jian from Sui kingdom using Buddhist…
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Review Questions

Who were the Xiongnu and how did Wudi respond to them?             They were a nomadic community, which dominated central Asia. They were a significant threat to Han Empire and the army considered them as cause of trouble to the success of Silk Road trade. This was contributed by their numerous attacks on traders during…
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African History

Why have historians paid more attention to Pharaonic Egypt than to the societies of sub-Saharan Africa?             History pays more attention to the Pharaonic Egypt than other Sub-Saharan Africa societies because it was Africa’s earliest literate and politically stable regime (Craig, Kagan & Graham, 2011). The empire had major activities like trade and military and…
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