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Social Media and Cardiovascular Disease

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The social media is a crucial tool for networking for any profession. It provides a platform where people can share their challenges, findings and discoveries. It is also very crucial for those in the medical field. They can access vital information from their peers and as well share their experience and knowledge with them. There are several platforms available nowadays for medical professionals to share and network. These platforms range from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram among many others.

            One such group that has an authoritative presence in the social media is the American Public Health Association. Those in the network get access to events, documents and bulletins (apha.org). The organization features prominently on Facebook featuring posts from professionals in all fields of health. One can get access to videos and pictures addressing the various experiences and achievements by those in different fields, especially those in the cardiovascular field can benefit a lot from the posts from other professionals in the field (facebook.com/AmericanPublicHealthAssociation). The site is a rich source of health tips especially health procedures in the cardiovascular disease. Professionals can get useful information on preventive and treatment measures to help reduce the risks and mortality rates due to cardiovascular disease.

            Several blogs are available for those professional in this field. In these blogs, professionals can share a wealth of knowledge. Such platforms create awareness in the cardiovascular field. The popularity of the social media has meant that information can reach millions and millions of people within a very short period at very low cost. That has helped to create awareness that is so much needed especially regarding preventable diseases (Liheart.org). Professionals in this field have a platform to communicate to larger audiences their knowledge and experiences. They can also share with each other vital information. The social media cannot be ignored in the medical field.

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