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Request for Proposal

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A request for proposal (RFP) is a document that an organization posts to elicit bids from potential vendors for the desired IT solution. It establishes what a customer is looking for and establishes evaluation criteria for assessing proposals (techtarget.com). Request for proposal is, therefore, a request to get something done be it design, the supply of products among other things. It is necessary to program and design in public health for health providers can request for the best IT designs to help run public health. These solutions could be regarding patient management, drugs prescriptions, and managing admissions among other things.

            The purpose of the sample request for proposal is to get designers for a capacity building program for the promotion of planning and public health for the professionals to come up with community-based strategies that will promote the provision of equitable access to opportunities for physical activities and healthy eating habits. The program design should focus on all aspects of life including but not limited to health. Other areas of focus include planning, transportation, recreation, real estate among other areas. The main area of focus is the management of chronic diseases.

            The similarities between the sample request for proposal and the group A-K is that they both look at a design for managing health problems in the society. They more or less are concerned with the lifestyles of the people and the effect of these lifestyles to the people’s health. The desired design for these programs has a budgeting plan. They contain strategies to be employed for the achievement of the desired objectives. The focus is to encourage equity in access to opportunities for the population in access to the health program. The group A-K and sample RFP concentrate on the area of public health.

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