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Quality, Ethical and IT Controls

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The new hospital will observe the best practices in the medical field. There will be a clear focus on quality and ethics. Every member of the hospital will observe various core competencies. There will also be integration of ICT to help monitor the work of the hospital.

            The first core competency is governance (MedAssets). For efficient operations, the governance structure of the new hospital will be centralized. The objective of the governance structure is to coordinate and control the operations of the hospital so that the best services are offered to the people requiring them.

            Second, compliance (MedAssets) will be observed at all levels of the hospital. The aim of the new hospital is to comply with all the federal and state requirements in health care. In this regard, the hospital will endeavor to work out a plan where quality, reimbursement services and other coding requirements (MedAssets) are well observed. This will ensure that patients receive the best medical care and the hospital is able to observe a sustainable financial policy.

            Third, there will be a clear understanding of the impact of retail consumerism (MedAssets). The hospital will work to be up to date with the prevailing market prices and variances to ensure the charges are at par with all the requisite issues of health care provision. The purpose of this is to ensure services are charged fairly for all the patients and that the best quality care is provided by the hospital.

            Fourth, the new hospital will work to eliminate unnecessary variations (MedAssets). The aim of the hospital will be to standardize all the operations and remove inefficiencies. This will reduce unnecessary losses arising from inefficient operations by making sure the hospital runs at the optimum level.

            The fifth core competency will be to offer patient centered services (MedAssets). In this regard, the objective of the hospital will be to focus on patient well being while working on those areas that will reduce financial and clinical risks for the hospital (MedAssets). Therefore, the hospital will not focus on how much is made per patient but rather on the quality of the service offered to the patient.

            To ensure the above objectives are met, a chart will be put in place to chart out how far the objectives are being met. All staff and departments will be required to sign appraisal reports based on the above core competencies. Integration of ICT will be implemented and a software developed by the ICT department that will monitor the achievements of the said objectives.

Major Requirements from Management and Staff for JCAHO Accreditation

            To achieve JCAHO accreditation, the management and staff will have to observe certain core competencies. These competencies must take into consideration patient safety at all times. This is during treatment and their time of stay at the hospital. Even after being discharged from the hospital, the treatment offered and any operation done in the hospital should not jeopardize the life of the patient. The safety of the staff must also be put in place. For accreditation, communication both internal and external must be put in place to ensure proper disaster preparation.

            Medical and clinical knowledge will be vital for the management and staff of the hospital. This is in order to ensure that the hospital is in line with best modern medical practices. The complaints from the patients about the quality of services offered should be kept at the minimal level. The hospital will therefore at all times ensure that its entire staff are properly trained and are competent in their fields of operation.

            There will be continuous learning and improvement of the staff. Therefore, the hospital will organize in service training for its entire staff to make sure they are up to date with any changes in the medical field. This will ensure the services offered to the patients are up to date and the best they can be.

            Interpersonal relationship and communication skills (HCPRO) will be paramount for the management and the staff of the hospital. This will ensure proper disaster management and provision of quality health care. Teamwork and proper relationship with the patients will be put into consideration. The public relations department will therefore be fully equipped and properly managed.

            Professionalism will be the first value of all members of the hospitals. This will ensure the hospital never experiences a never event. All codes of regulations for each particular department will be availed and easily accessible for all.

            The hospital will also observe a system based practice. The system will be clearly defined and proper structures put in place. The management systems will be automated so that all systems will work efficiently and all ethical standards are observed.

Major Components of an ICT system

            The ICT system will take into consideration the HIPAA administrative provisions of the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 (CMS). This is to ensure that the hospital is transparent in its claims. Therefore, the system will incorporate the categorization under Medicare Insurance prospective payment system. Each patient will be put under each of the classification offered under prospective payment system so that proper claims can be made free from any fraud.

            Following the department of health and human services regulations, the hospital will adopt national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifier for providers, health plans and employers (CMS). This will ensure compliance with all the set standards of the Federal and State requirements in provision of health services. A proper patient database outlining the patient’s health history will be put in place while developing an ICT system for the hospital. This will ensure that patients are offered the best care based on available information about them. It will also help in the follow up cases in case they are required.

            A database of all the employees of the hospital and their qualification and experience will be included while developing the ICT system. This will ensure that the hospital maintains the best personnel in its workforce. There will also be consideration for inputting a monitoring tool that will ensure proper monitoring of patients. The tools will be designed in such a way that the hospital is able to monitor and prevent occurrence of any never events in the facility.

            In doing this high ethical standards will be observed. The privacy of patient information as well as that of the staff of the hospital will be highly guarded so that the hospital does not put any of the parties in awkward situations. Proper work ethics will be strategically hang in all places in the hospital and close monitoring be put in place to ensure that no one falls shorts of the internal and external standards of practice.

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