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Polio Infectious Disease

Polio is an infectious disease caused by a virus living in the throat and intestinal tract (CDC 2014). There has been a worldwide campaign to eradicate polio in most countries of the world. There are two types of vaccines administered, namely, Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) and Oral Poliovirus Vaccine (OPV) (CDC 2014). There are however…
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Public Health

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the policy that should guide the public health sector about how social determinants of health are addressed. The paper highlights the construction of policy problems and shows the social perspectives that have influenced this policy. Alternatives on how the problems should be solved and alternative views in…
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Risk Management

Risk management involves steps taken to reduce injuries that might be caused to patients, the staff in health care provision and visitors to the facility (University of Scranton). Effective risk management plans have to be developed by risk managers to ensure that safety is achieved in health care settings. The purpose of this paper is…
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Case Management Program

Case management refers to a collaborative process that includes assessment, planning, and coordination of options and services to meet a patient’s medical care needs (California Hospital). This paper is going to explore SSM Health Centers’ case management program. The program will be compared to that of Utah State Hospital with an aim to validate whether…
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Balanced Scorecard

A manager is supposed to ensure that the activities of the employees work towards achieving the goals and objectives of the company. High turnover of employees can be hurtful to the company. To achieve efficiency and enhance productivity, it is important for managers to keep a scorecard to ensure that measures put are relevant to…
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Quality, Ethical and IT Controls

The new hospital will observe the best practices in the medical field. There will be a clear focus on quality and ethics. Every member of the hospital will observe various core competencies. There will also be integration of ICT to help monitor the work of the hospital.             The first core competency is governance (MedAssets).…
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Organizational Structures and Functions

The proposed Golden Age Hospital (GAH) is meant to serve the senior population in Mission Viejo area. The community clinic will serve persons of all ages. This does not however mean that the Golden Age Hospital will not serve the rest of the population. The proposed GAH and community clinic will come under the St…
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Finance and Budgeting

In order to achieve the goal of the full implementation of the GAH and the Community Clinic, there are certain financial and budgetary considerations to be taken care of. These include the construction of the hospital and purchasing of medical equipment and general provision of services. The construction of the facility and the initial equipment…
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Market Research and Segmentation

Care for the seniors is best provided in a home setting. There are however conditions that require admission in hospitals. Provision of health care to the elderly should not be limited because of their age. Medical Conditions of Seniors The seniors’ health, both physical and mental is highly affected by psychological and social issues (Nabili).…
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Nursing Career

Introduction             The nursing career is one of the noble career choices as it deals with human health and life. One cares for a wide range of people ranging from children to adults. The people a nurse deal with could be those who need acute assistance to those who are seeking consultative assistance. Why Choose…
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