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Political Systems

A country’s political system is determined by the needs of that country and the people. A state must, therefore, choose a system that suits them (Quora.com). Some of the most common political systems include the presidential system, the parliamentary system or even a hybrid of the two. In looking at states political systems, one has…
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NPT Treaty

The Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT) is a treaty entered by states to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, and to promote cooperation in peaceful use of nuclear energy. The agreement also aims at disarmament. The treaty was opened for signature in 1968 and entered into force in 1970 (United Nations).…
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The Greek City

Define the concept of Polis. What role did geography play in its development nad why did the Greeks consider it a unique and valuable institution? Polis was a Greek city state which was characterized by a sense of community (Merriam Webster). It was marked by a centrally organized place, and social life was carried out…
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Ancient Greece

The periods of ancient Greece and major accomplishments  Greek civilization is marked by major periods with significant achievements. These periods include the Bronze Age, the Middle Age, the Polis, Expansion Age and the Archaic Greece. Each of these periods is marked by major achievements, which made it distinct from the other (Craig et al. 2011).…
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Aspen Institute

Aspen Institute is an organization that deals with education and policy studies. It is based in Washington DC. The organization takes a nonpartisan approach to political issues. Its primary aim is to foster leadership that is based on values to deal with critical issues affecting all sectors of the society. Aspen Institute is a center…
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Causes of The Great Depression

The great depression refers to the time of economic meltdown that leads to a collapse of major areas of the economy. This paper is going to look at the great depression of the 1930s. The paper will focus on the banking system that collapsed leading to the great depression. It will also look into the…
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Paleolithic and Neolithic Age

Paleolithic age also referred to as the Old Stone Age is believed to be about 2.5 million years ago (Encyclopedia Britannica). This period is characterized by the use of stone tools (ibid). On the other hand, Neolithic Age also referred to as New Stone Age was marked by the use of stone tools that were…
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Adult Education

The participation of every individual in national development is very vital for the growth of such a country. Meaningful growth involves everyone in the population. If the adult population cannot participate in the development of such a country, then such a population could be as well be a burden to the country. Adult literacy can…
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Gender Inequality

Gender inequality has been a major concern the world over and affected every sector of life (Smith 2012). Gender inequality in the education sector can have diverse effects. The issue of gender in education can be discussed through looking at the composition in leadership positions, participation in curriculum development and even depiction in textbooks (Ball…
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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning seem inseparable in life. No one at birth has all the knowledge needed for living from the cradle to the grave (Lave Wenger 1991). That, therefore, made the quest for knowledge a necessary weapon for human survival and continuity. It is with this belief in mind that all societies deliberately institutionalized ways…
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