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Nursing Career

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            The nursing career is one of the noble career choices as it deals with human health and life. One cares for a wide range of people ranging from children to adults. The people a nurse deal with could be those who need acute assistance to those who are seeking consultative assistance.

Why Choose A Career In Nursing?
A career in nursing is one of the best choices one can make. It is to be noted that the career offers an opportunity to save lives. Besides this great opportunity to serve humanity, a career in nursing offers a wide range of opportunities.

            The work for a career nurse is available in a variety of geographic locations (RNAO). It can be conducted in different sectors and done fulltime or part time. This flexibility in the job makes nursing one of the best career choices. It should not be forgotten, however, that a career in nursing requires a lot of dedication and compassion. Some situations require people with strong hearts.

            The working hours are adaptable to one’s lifestyle. One can choose to work during the day, in the evening, at night or on weekends. The shift in a normal day’s work of a nurse can range from four to twelve hours (RNAO).

            The career allows mobility where it is possible to work across regions and sectors. This transferability of skills makes nursing a choice career for those looking for an exciting career environment. The several areas one can work in include trauma care centers, public health, community health or even become a nurse consultant if one desires is in the legal system (RNAO). One can also get into the teaching field and educate trainee nurses.

            The ability to specialize in several areas of specialization also offers a career nurse a great opportunity to choose more than one area to work in. The career allows one to switch mid way and take new challenges (RNAO).

            The demand for nurses is, to say the least, never ending. There is no single day that nurses will never be in demand. The population increase demand an increase in the number of nurses. Most countries have not been able to meet the required nurse patient ratio. The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) website suggests that one extra full time registered nurse saves an additional five lives in a hospital setting. Research has shown that higher registered nurse staffing ratios result in reduced hospital mortality (RNAO).

A Day in the Life of a Nurse

The major duties of a nurse range from caring for and educating patients about their conditions. They also create rapport and establish trust with the patient and their families. Nurses do work with a variety of patients ranging from children to adults. In a normal shift, a nurse will be required to observe and record patient behavior, consult with the physician and other health care professionals, establish treatment plans, operate medical equipment, perform diagnostic tests, treat medical emergencies as well as administer medication and treatments (Villanova university).

Growth/Status of the Nursing Profession

The payment reward for a career, just like in any other profession, increases with qualification.It is paramount, therefore, that one who desires to excel in the profession advance their academic qualifications for a better salary. The rising demand for nurses also translates to improved salaries for nurses. The length of stay in the job, place of work and the time one works are other determining factors for the salaries of working nurses.

            Growth in the profession will require one to advance one’s academic qualifications. The more one advances the academic qualifications, the more chances for growth in the career. It is also important to note that experience in the job is also very vital for growth. A nurse who wants to advance in this field has to be a practicing nurse in addition to their qualifications to be able to move up the ladder of success in this career.

            Nursing has acquired an important status in the society. It is increasing in demand and those taking it up their career choice are increasing by day. The reason is that nurses play a vital role in the society in promoting health. This comes in form of care, consultative advice among other ways. The environment for work for a practicing nurse is constantly changing with the aim to offer patients the best care. Knowledge of the latest technology and medication is becoming vital for career nurses. This is to keep up in pace the latest advances that will make them serve their clients better.

            The academic preparation required in nursing depends on the level one is taking. There is however need for knowledge in certain subjects such as chemistry, microbiology, human biology among others.


To achieve success in this career, academic progress is necessary. Therefore, it is significant to take a degree in nursing to improve the chances of advancing in the career. I shall pursue higher levels in the field such as masters and doctorate levels. In addition, being involved in several communities based organizations dealing with community health on a volunteer basis. I have been involved in providing care in several homes for the aged and at the forefront offering support during emergencies at various trauma centers.

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