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Logistical and Ethical Issues

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In undertaking, any research, logical and ethical considerations should be taken into account. A researcher should consider these matters. In ethical issues, awareness protects the integrity of the researcher and ensures honest results (Mugenda & Mugenda, 1999). In logistical issues, knowledge and subsequent preparation will save the research many resources and provide high-quality research. There is a need for careful planning. Apart from reliability and validity of data, careful planning will minimize problems encountered by the researcher in the field. Logistics in research refers to all those processes, activities or actions that a researcher must address or carry out to ensure successful completion of the research project. These are divided as pre-field work logistics, fieldwork logistics and post fieldwork logistics.

 Pre-field work logistics items of consideration include terms of reference, obtaining research permit, establishing an action plan or permit, creating an action plan or study protocol, training enumerators, pre-testing the instruments, sampling and distributing the devices. In this study, the researcher will do sampling using the right technique that fits the case study. The researcher has already explained the purposefulness or non-probability sampling.

 There are ethical issues related to this research. Ethics is defined as the branch of philosophy that deals with one’s conduct and serves as a guide to one’s behavior. In this study, the ethical issues to be considered are those related to the researcher such as avoiding plagiarism and misuse of privileges and keeping confidentiality concerning the subject and voluntary consent where the respondents willingly participate in the research. The researcher should also be honest regarding finances where the research project is sponsored and use his or her academic freedom in conducting the research.

Dissemination  It is important to research succession planning in mid-sized companies in Singapore as a topical and relevant to the survival of companies. It is an important that the findings and particularly the recommendations are made available to a wider audience of managers and key leaders in companies. Some of the findings, results and conclusions will be used on courses. The researcher is duty bound to make dissemination possible (Johnson, 1994) to the rest of the managers and key people in companies to make the results of the study useful to them.

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