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Drug Addiction Recovery Program´┐╝

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The addiction recovery program targets younger youth at the teenage age, who get influence from the community and get a diversion from focus in life. The population is a priority because given their brain development of the adolescents; they are a susceptible addiction and loss of purpose in life (Colby, Monti, & Tevyaw, p. 336). The health problem concerning the adolescents addressed is the disability and brain damage related to the prolonged use of drugs and substance among the young youth. The program focuses on restoring a generation and reduces the level of crimes and cases relating to addicts. The adolescents are of importance not only for the families but also to the nations at large as they give hope of generational progress and the continual growth of the society (Colby, Monti, & Tevyaw, p. 324).

The goal of the program is to lead adolescent addicts to full recovery and restore them to descent life. The objectives include attaining full recovery, developing talents and nurture their engagements and finally to restore them back to study and offer links for work opportunities. Intervention strategies include luring the addicts into the program and coaching them on how to desist from drugs and identify activities to develop their talents during the recovery process (Colby, Monti, & Tevyaw, p. 336). After full recovery, they will link up with schools, have follow-ups and to link them with employers for future opportunities. The program will have base in West Virginia with annual renewal depending on the needs and scope. The evaluation will weigh on those who graduate in the program and if for any case, the number of dropouts too.

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