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The Spread and Influence of Christianity

            Christianity began with a small group of people who were followers of Jesus Christ. It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, which are based on the writings of the Jewish prophets and leaders. The original number of the followers who are recorded is twelve. Others do not feature as prominently as these twelve. It is believed that Christianity spread through the works of these twelve disciples of Jesus who were known as apostles. Another major personality in the spread of Christianity is Paul, the apostle.

 Christianity is believed to have spread because of the persecution that was taking place in the then Roman Empire from the regions of Samaria and Judea to other regions all over the world. The persecuted followers of Jesus dispersed to other countries and with their dispersal took Christianity to the areas they settled. Much of the success of the influence of Christianity in the lifestyles of people came through conversion of people from their religions and beliefs to the worship of Christian God and Jesus Christ, or rather what is referred to as Trinity (Craig et al. 2011).

 The conversions were successful since it involved the leaders of the communities and in turn, their followers would convert to follow Christianity. Its influence was so great that it brought complete transformation in people’s ways of life bringing a change in culture, beliefs and way of worship. One of the most notable influences of Christianity to modern civilization is the law. The Christian scriptures influenced much of the laws especially in countries that have Christianity as the dominant religion. The conversion of leaders in some countries led to Christianity becoming the state religion in those areas (Craig et al. 2011).

            Christianity has had a significant impact on the world’s civilization in many ways. Most laws of many countries are based on the teachings of Christianity.

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