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Balanced Scorecard

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A manager is supposed to ensure that the activities of the employees work towards achieving the goals and objectives of the company. High turnover of employees can be hurtful to the company. To achieve efficiency and enhance productivity, it is important for managers to keep a scorecard to ensure that measures put are relevant to the new initiatives put forward by the manager (Kaplan & Norton, 1993).

            The manager in the case Laurel City Bowling alleys should put forth relevant measures that ensure retention of employees to avoid the high turnover of employees that is hurting the company. A scorecard of the human resource department could be worthwhile here because it could show cause for the high departure of employees at its subsidiary and guide on the best strategies to adopt in order to retain employees.

            Kaplan and Norton (1993) argue that the balanced scorecard provides a comprehensive framework that translates company’s strategic objectives into a coherent set of performance measures. These measures could be critical for Laurel City Bowling alleys to being able to motivate employees and keeping them on track of the company’s goals and objectives. These could be aligned to their own career and personal objectives so that they would find satisfaction in their work.

            The fact that the scorecard measures are grounded in an organization’s strategic objectives and competitive demands (Kaplan & Norton, 1993) makes it a perfect tool for evaluating performance across borders and over huge distances. Managers therefore do not have to put measures that work only locally while ignoring performance, for instance, of overseas subsidiaries (Emaytrix). The balanced scorecard will help them monitor performance even in those far areas. Therefore, the balanced scorecard measures are very important for Laurel City Bowling alleys to make it able to retain employees and avoid the losses accruing from training new ones.

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